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SEVIVON - Model 2020

Or, in other words, the fifth SEVIVON by AV.

This year, I chose the word “elegance” to chart my course to the design language. Engaging with forms originating from the world of minimalist jewelry. The connection and flow of materials.

A combination of marble Corian and brass.

SEVIVON - Model 2019

In contrast with the first SEVIVON series, with their modern style and look, in the SEVIVON 2019 series, the designer, Avital, has chosen to combine old and new, to create a mix of materials and styles – a combination of recycled Corian for the base of the spinning top, and copper and brass for the handle, using the ancient, traditional craft of hand metal spinning.

Forty numbered spinning tops have been produced in this limited series – twenty with a copper handle, and twenty with a brass handle.

SEVIVON - Model 2018

A distinctive design, featuring a grip point and no handle.

The design is inspired by nostalgia for childhood games, toy dwarfs, and the colorfulness of Hanukkah candles.

Available in six colors. Made from Corian and wood.

SEVIVON - Model 2017

Like its predecessor, SEVIVON 2017 was shown at Miracles and Wonders II.

Made from black and white Corian combined with brass or stainless steel.

SEVIVON - Model 2016

This model was conceived following Miracles and Wonders – an exhibition of Hanukkah objects designed by industrial designers – and started a regular Hanukkah design tradition.

Made from Corian and brass.

SEVIVON  I  Dreidel

A spinning top (sevivon in Hebrew) is a toy designed to spin around itself. Among Jews, spinning tops are primarily a toy that children traditionally play with during the Festival of Hanukkah.

AV Design Studio’s SEVIVON series has become a tradition, and since 2016 Avital has been designing a new spinning top every year for the Festival of Hanukkah – which is also when she celebrates her birthday.

She draws inspiration from the festival’s colorfulness and joy, feelings of home, various children’s games and toys, tradition, and a spinning dance movement.

The spinning tops are released in limited editions, and made from recycled Corian combined with additional materials, such as brass, stainless steel, pinewood, and copper.

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