The House in Ein Ya’akov

There are some people with whom I always feel at home, no matter where I am. Tali Dugma is one of those people. I met Tali, a home and interior designer, when we began collaborating on various projects.

Actually, our joint work is much more than “just” collaboration. Our success can be attributed to our loyalty, to our understanding of a home’s needs, its character, and the design style uniquely suited to it. Moreover, out joint work is largely dependent on cross-fertilization. These important building blocks also contributed considerably to the success of our latest project: designing Tali’s own home.

Despite accompanying hundreds of projects over the past six years, and even publishing her book “Feeling a Home”, which outlines for readers how to design the perfect home – Tali still approached the project of designing her own home in Ein Yaakov with mixed feelings. She had to stop for a moment, analyze her family unit, and then to outline the home she wanted. As a versatile interior designer who likes a wide range of colors and design styles, she wanted to give herself exactly what she successfully gives the families she works with. She wanted to “feel a home”.

And now, I am delighted and thrilled to say that at the conclusion of considerable effort, we’ve done it! Tali matched her home, its style, its character, and its colors to her and her family, while I, the owner of AV Design Studio, brought into their home the complementary items and objects, all of which are, of course, made from upcycled Corian.

A few words about the family

Parents and two adolescent boys who spend much of their time around the dining table. Conversations, meals, homework, and crises alongside celebrations – all these and more are intertwined around the table.

The dining area was designed as an integral part of the kitchen space. The material chosen is wood, African walnut, which warms the dark gray staining of the kitchen cabinets.

Into the dynamic and frenetic home, Tali introduced a calm color palette to soften the atmosphere. Dark green and dark gray.

The house is like an inn that contains all who come and go, as does the dining area that contains and envelops the days and the events that take place in it.

Some homes are typified by pronounced family elements, such as photographs or the children’s drawing from different periods. In this home the elements aren’t pronounced, yet behind every piece of furniture and every element there’s a story. Most of the furniture was collected from different places, and acquired a look that suits the house: funny, sad, or moving stories.

A home of memories and life stories.

Living room

The living room table was built by the owner of the house, and it is designed as a display case for the shells and quartz stones collected by her two sons when they were little boys. The collection of stones and shells holds value since it was collected by the boys.

An experience from a trip to the Golan Height preserved inside a living room table.

On the table is a tray with a collection of KAN candleholders in varying sizes, made by AV Design Studio, which provide a different color scheme from the rest of the space.

Two pictures made from shells hang in the living room. The same shell collection has been transformed into pictures created by the parents and children.