Family is the Basis

It suddenly struck me. As I was working, I had an insight that the source of inspiration for everything I do in my work is my family.

For me, family is everything. A whole world. It’s what drives me, what causes me to live, my heart to beat strongly, and my eyes to well up with tears in excitement. When I think about family, lots of associations come up in me:

Security, love, warmth, feeling, acceptance, partnership, joy, belonging, boundless giving, loyalty, feelings of guilt, tradition, birthdays, celebrations, longing, happiness, togetherness, shared experiences, moments of bliss, worry, strength, soul. Today, they all gain expression in my creative work.

Among the works conceived from family are MEZUZAH, which for me symbolizes home and belonging.


SEDER, the Passover Seder Plate, that takes into account that each family has different preferences with regard to the festival blessings, and enables them to choose and arrange them accordingly.