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Designing Your Rosh Hashanah Table

The eve of the new year is a wonderful opportunity to turn over a new leaf and bring into our lives all that we wish for ourselves and those around us. Designing our Rosh Hashanah table in a way that suits us enables us to demonstrate our intentions and aspirations in a very symbolic way with a joyful, communicative, relaxed, and elegant beginning as the new year commences.

We have put together for you a few tips on designing your festive table:


Combine tablecloths of different types and textures that together create an interesting and unique composition.


Using a low vase with short-stem flowers and plants facilitates communication between all the people seated around the table.


Placing candles on the table creates a festive feeling and spreads light and good energies.

Symbols of Rosh Hashanah

A pomegranate, sweet challah, and a bowl of apples, all served in their original form, create a natural and effortless look.

Apple and Honey Tray

The tray provides a choice of different compositions – from meticulous to random, haphazard arrangements. Arranging the apples on the tray in a certain way can make them reminiscent of small boats dipping into a lake of honey. Definitely a surprising and sophisticated addition to the festive table.

Shanah Tova Notelets

This year we chose to design notelets bearing personal greetings (or any idea that appeals to you).

Examples of Shanah Tova Notelets

  • The hosting family can prepare greetings in advance for everyone seated around the table.

  • Involve everyone present in writing the greetings: for instance, each person writes a greeting for the person seated to their right, or writes what they wish for themselves.

We chose a black and white print so that children can color in the notelet (keeps the children amused, and gives the adults quality conversation time).

White dove figurine, tablecloths, gold tray (holding the challahs), wood pomegranate, small decorative flowers in the square vase – from Etzel Tali BeHatzer (In Tali’s Yard), Moshav Betzet

Apple and Honey Tray – DVASH; KAN candleholders; AGARTAL vases; brass tray – AV Design Studio.

Plates – IKEA

Cutlery, glass bottles, yellow flowers and gypsophila – private collection

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