The House in the North

A few words about the delightful family:

A couple, grandparents, who like to cook and entertain lavishly. Their dream was a practical, inviting, pleasant, enveloping, and containing home. A home designed with clean lines, yet which still radiates warmth.

Tali was asked to design a home in which it would be fun to entertain a lot of people, and would be easy to return to its original state after the guests leave.

The house has to enable its owners to maintain order and a design aesthetic in their everyday life as well, but doesn’t require hours of ongoing maintenance.

We have chosen to present the public spaces in the house, and share with you the choices that were made in order to give expression to the family’s character and connectedness.

Entrance Hall

The design of the house began by thinking about how to bring the outside landscape into the house. When you open the front door, the landscape is revealed by means of a window without blinds or drapes, that looks onto the patio, which is reminiscent of a street at the end of which the green landscape unfolds.

In the window we chose to place two delicate AV Design Studio vases with straight lines and a quiet, sophisticated presence. The aim was to connect the vegetation inside the house with the landscape outside.


The very heart of any home, and certainly for people who love to cook and entertain. Practicality, a design aesthetic, and easy operation are the three principles that guided the kitchen’s design. The chosen materials are easy to clean and maintain, and incorporating wood into the island accords a pleasant sense of warmth to the space.