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Designing Your Passover Seder Night Table

Seder Plate

This is undoubtedly the star of the Seder, it is the center around which the rituals surrounding the retelling of the story of the Exodus from Egypt unfold. The choice to design a minimalist plate featuring smooth, clean bowls, means it can be matched to numerous table design styles.


Combine old and new tablecloths. We chose a hand embroidered tablecloth that was my grandmother’s, any family’s foundation stone. The tablecloth creates texture for the basis of the table.


Plain, cloth serviettes that convey elegance.


We chose to use old silver cutlery, and set the table in a more relaxed fashion rather than in the classic arrangement.

Crystal Glasses of Various Sizes

Add a festive touch to the table.


We like bunches of spring flowers that look as though they’ve been picked in a meadow. Another option is to buy loose flowers (for example, ten tulips, or a few branches of gypsophila).


Low and minimalist to facilitate communication between all the people seated around the table.


To enhance the atmosphere and bring light to the table.


When the dishes are dominant, they can be combined with basic items that can be found in any shop. We believe that a good table design provides a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere for everyone seated around it, and encourages people to sit and enjoy.

Wishing us all a Happy Passover,


The AV Team

* Photographer: Libat Roth | Styling: Libat Roth and the team at AV Design Studio

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