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18 Things About AV Design Studio You Probably Didn't Know

It's time for you to know more about us so lets make it official!

1. AV Design Studio was founded in 2013

2. The company name comes from my name plus my dad's name (Avital + Viki = AV), AV also stands for Anti-Vomit, which we all against, no?

3. AV Design Studio was founded in Regba which is a moshave near Naharia, north of Israel. Moshav is a type of Israeli town, in particular a type of cooperative agricultural-community of individual farms.

4. Before the studio was establish we knew Corian will be its core aspect.

5. 100% of our products are recycled, we will never buy new Corian Countertops.

6. Currently in our garage we have 500 kg of Corian Countertopsparts that we hope to recycle before 2018

7. More the 80% of our inventory is white Corian, orange and light blue consist of less than one percent of our Corian raw material inventory.

8. Tumbler was our last social media we started using to convey our story.

9. Most of our blog posts are composed during our train ride back home from Tel Aviv.

10. When dealing with our products we try to use gloves because what you buy needs to be treated like an ART exhibit.

11. We use a machine that was created in the late 1950 in Israel to do the round shaping of our products. It's being a long time but the machine is still rocking it!

12. The meaning of PAMOT in Hebrew is candle holder. The meaning of KAN is a small candle holder, used mainly in Hanukkah which is a Jews holiday, known as the Festival of Lights and the Feast of Dedication.

13. Currently our used Corian comes only from Regba Kitchens

14. Our products are displayed in Tel-Aviv's museum and in a Gallery called 'Saga'; in the near feature we hope to present them also in the main museum in Jerusalem.

15. Currently we have +1000 followers on Twitter, almost 2000 followers on Facebook and Google+. Our LinkedIn has more than 500 followers and we currently have 350 followers on Pinterest. A few days ago we stated promoting on Tumbler's social media channel.

16. We have two websites, one in English and the other one in Hebrew and we hope our French version and German version sites, will be ready before 2018. Currently we are seeing almost 14,000 hits per day on our websites and every day we are getting more and more.

17. We are promoting our products on two DIY sites, Etsy and Tictail.

18. We have an android app and in a few days we hope our ios app will be publish too

"A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well" ~Jeff Bezos

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