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5 BS Facts About Corian Everyone Thinks Are True

This is absolutely ridiculous....people just don't know what is Corian.

In this post I will specify the 5 myths about Corian, but before we start, I will explain again what is Corian and how it is made, you can also read about it here. Corian is the original solid surface material. Created to last a lifetime it is a unique blend of minerals and acrylic which creates a stone-hard surface that can be shaped to meet any design or dimension.

Corian is an advanced composite of natural minerals and pure acrylic polymer and is backed by DuPont™ with a 10 year Limited Installed Warranty.

1 - Its Not Temperature Resistance (NOT TRUE)

Corian is exceptionally resistant to high temperatures. Even cigarette burns or marks left by boiling hot pans are only superficial and can be quickly removed in Corian kitchens.

2 - It's Not Versatility (NOT TRUE)

Corian offers design versatility, function and durability. Originally supplied in sheets and shapes, Corian can be fabricated with conventional woodworking tools into virtually any design.

3 - It's Not Safe (NOT TRUE)

Corian is an inert, non-toxic, chemically nonreactive, hypoallergenic material. At normal room temperature, no gasses are given off from Corian. Even when exposed to direct flame, Corian is one of the least toxic materials available.

4 - It's Not High Resilience (NOT TRUE)

The inherent resilience of Corian comes from the fine qualities of minerals and acrylics. Its non-porous surface prevents dirt and stains from penetrating the material. Marks and stains stay on the surface and can easily be removed with a Scotchbrite pad and household cleaner.

5 - It's Not Environmentally friendly (NOT TRUE)

Corian surfaces are renewable. Damages can usually be repaired with ordinary abrasive cleaners and a scouring pad.

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