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Is Perspective Everything?

In this post I would like to share with you my thoughts about perspective in the businesses world. How do we decide what is worth our money? our time?

As a company what do we value more, results or feeling? Is what we see really true? how do we decide things?

Well, perspective is everything, even if its not true. Especially the perspective of your current and potential customers .

Please watch Rory Sutherland giving a ted talk about Perspective is everything. These 18 minutes have changed my mind about many things, and helped me focus on the important things I'm currently doing.

Its not what you feel about yourself, its about what your customers, friends and family think you are. Currently we have +1000 followers on Twitter, almost 2000 followers on Facebook and Google+. Our LinkedIn has more than 500 followers and we currently have 350 followers on Pinterest. A few days ago we stated promoting on Tumbler channel. Every day we are promoting our products via these channels, every engagement brings more traffic to our sites and of course more sales.

We have two websites, one in English and the other one in Hebrew and we hope our French version and German version sites, will be ready before 2018. Currently we are seeing almost 14,000 hits per day on our websites and every day we are getting more and more.

We are also promoting our products on two more DIY sites, Etsy and Tictail.

We also have an android app and in a few days we hope our ios app will be publish too. Does it mean we are a successful business? Does it promise our existence in this competitive world?

Constant engagement promises our existence, and what people think about us determines our business success. This is why its so important to exceed customer expectation. They will spread the word, and will increase your customer's communication database.

Create places where you can give more to clients when they expect the regular treatment like they get from your competitors. It could be free shipping, when they expect to pay $xx fee. It could be an expedite arrival time, or just a small gift (growth hacking). Give your clients VALUE and they will remember you and will tell about you to their friends and family. Their perspective is everything for you, so don't fuck it up, and if you do...know how to treat. "Ask your customers to be part of the solution, and don't view them as part of the problem." Alan Weiss, Author "Million Dollar Consulting"

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