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What is an Industrial Designer?

For me an industrial designer means an entrepreneur in the field of mass production designs. A person that in one simple drawing will change the day by day process.

I decided to learn at H.I.T because they had the best teachers that would help me understand and will challenge me on a day to day basis. It was a long four years but I made it and I'm happy for that.

The core definition for an industrial designer is a person who develops the concepts for manufactured products, such as cars, home appliances, electronics, and toys. We use engineering and art to make products for PEOPLE. So I would say that an industrial designer needs to listen to the environment he lives in.

Try the following assignment. For the next week go every day to a crowded sidewalk and just view what people are doing. Try to understand what will make them smile, laugh or just change their mood. It can be a simple but unique clothing, maybe an accessory that people need, go CRAZY.

Industrial designers typically specialize in one product category, such as automobiles, home appliance or toys. If you are planing to becoming one, try and find your own field where you can improve people's lives . Imagination is a key ingredient, so dream...everything is possible.

In the US today the average yearly salary of an Industrial designer is almost $70K and its expected to grow in the next coming years in about 5%.

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